CODESHRM is a Human Resource Management solution developed by Codes Technologies. CODESHRM makes it easier for you to keep track of each and every one of your employee and also manage the whole system seamlessly. For companies that need a comprehensive HR platform, CODESHRM offers superior management and cost efficiencies across the board.
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Company Information Managementicon

Your clients are your biggest asset. CODESHRM Company Information Management manages your customer database so that you can learn what is going on regarding every single customer of you. You can save, search and group customers according your criteria.

Leave Managementonline_leave

CODESHRM Employee’s Leave Management helps your Finance and HR Departments sleep better at night knowing that their leave programs are efficiently managed and accurately tracked.


Timesheets option allows for quick, easy entry of employee timesheet data. You can eliminate time-consuming, administrative tasks associated with collecting employee timesheets and save countless hours in re-entering data.

Salary Management

Salary-ManagementAn efficient salary management system comes along with CODESHRM so that you can keep track of all your employee’s salary transactions and be able to see a complete overall scenario of the flow of money of your business.

Employee ManagementEmployee-Management

Employee management is the most important job that managers do in an organization. CODESHRM helps you to manage all the related information about your employee and keep you up to date.

Attendance ManagementlogoIconOnly210

CODESHRM enables an easy access to manage the attendance of your employees. It helps to make your own customized attendance management system that matched with your needs.

Document ManagementFile storage in cloud. 3D computer icon isolated on white

Document management in CODESHRM helps your HR department maintain documents for the appropriate time and improve office efficiency. Personal information for every employee and applicant’s information is safely stored for quick and easy access.

Project Management

css-icon1-300x300Project Management provides you with various privileges like effective project planning and monitoring, project tracking and efficient resource utilization. This option allows you to view the health of your projects, gather information quickly, create your work plan and collaborate with employees.