CODES Inventory offers a complete set of inventory management, manufacturing and purchasing capabilities that enhances supply chain management and provides an end-to-end solution.

Yield a detailed, real-time view into key supplier, inventory and purchase indicators. Self-service capabilities for associates, vendors and customers enhance coordinated effort all through the whole supply chain. With our software you’ll have the capacity to better oversee inventory levels and costs—and better meet satisfaction desires, improving customer service.


Sales And Accounts Receivablesmoney

In CODES Inventory one can easily open an account for a customer or for a group of customer. Tracking of sales order to delivery of the desired product to customer plus a detailed view of total inventory and account receivable is just the tool you need for your inventory.

Purchases and Accounts PayableSEO_bank_account_card_credit_debit_ok_purchase_finance_yes_sell_buy_cash_money-512

Not only the sales but CODES inventory also enable you to create and maintain of supplier accounts with all necessary options including purchase order to product clearance and bills due to the suppliers so that you can easily find out the total payable.

Inventory and Stocksinventory_icon_1

Yield real-time, detailed visibilities into key inventory, set re-order point, automatic calculation of per unit cost and overhead cost are all included in this section.


Manage the production with real-time visibility into work order progress, labour and machine resources and time and materials consumption.

Cash and Bankpiggybank-blue

Record payments, deposit and withdrawals in related accounts and simplified bank transaction with inquires and reports make it very useful to the users.

General LedgerPrinted-Matter-Books-icon

Maintain journal and budget entries with accordance with supplier/customer account which gives you an overview of all of your associates present condition with your organization.


In CODES Inventory you can generate report according to your need i.e. periodically or yearly basis and save it into multiple supported formats for your convenience.

Access Levels and adaptationsicon_15557

Multi user access with different privileges, Make backups and restore for companies, Date Picker with week numbers for all date fields, Simple Audit Trails are the benefits you can get from CODES Inventory.